COALFACE is an international platform for photography and video. The platform is building the image and identity of industrial and post-industrial areas from a local context. COALFACE focuses on places in transition where revolutions - like the transition to a digital, multicultural and/or green society - exerts influence on identity. From this baseline, COALFACE examines today's society, in Flanders and in the world.


COALFACE is a meeting place where 'heritage', 'topicality' and 'diversity' cross-fertilise each other through artistic creations. Photography and video is being used to promote social creation.


Internationally, COALFACE is building up a network of people who live and work in areas where heavy industry impacts on the world in which we live. The photographic projects that COALFACE organises in other countries are opening up for the Limburg Mining Area a wider reference framework and creating fertile ground for interpersonal, cultural and economic cooperation.


A mix of local and international exhibitions are being organised where a mix of existing photographic work and own productions will be on show.



SHIFT-X project   
16.04.2013 - 17.04.2013


For the project SHIFT-X, Jonny Vekemans and COALFACE visited Sokolov (Tsjechië). In the near future, some old industrial regions, mainly in Central Europe, will be photographed. The results will be shown in 2014 and 2015 in Flanders, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.


J.J. Rivera Andia & P. Snowdon / 03.10.2013 - 20.10.2013

A video installation based on the antropological archive from Cañaris, by J.J. Rivera Andía. What happens when a mining company discovers valuable resources on the land of an indigenous village? Are traditional ways of life relevant in the face of economic interests? >>



Revisiting the Klondike Goldrush  
2011 - 2014


A scientific-artistic endeavour in North-West Canada: Danny Veys and Francis Soenen will travel the arduous route of the original goldseekers in Yukon! This will result in a photographic essay. >>