The Owners of the Land is a multi-screen video installation by Peruvian anthropologist Juan

Javier Rivera Andía (University of Bonn/NIAS), and British filmmaker Peter Snowdon (MAD

Faculty, PXL/UHasselt). Working from Rivera Andía's video archive accumulated over a period

of several years working in the isolated area of Cañaris in the Andes of Northern Peru, they

have constructed four films (total running time approx. 57min) which both describe and

problematise the relationship between the communities there and various outsiders,

including both a foreign mining company which has exploration rights on their land, and

anthropologists whose research is oriented towards preserving and explaining the cultural

heritage of the area.


In this workshop, Snowdon and Rivera Andía will talk about their collaboration on this project,

and answer questions from the audience. As well as unfolding the background to the making of

this work, discussion will focus on the concrete editorial process of producing the films included

in the installation.


Issues that could be covered include, but are not limited to:

- the theory and realities of ethnographic fieldwork

- the position of the anthropologist in relation to communities during periods of severe exogenous


- problematic distinctions, such as that between the "traditional" and the "modern"

- cultural preservation as cultural intervention

- ethnographic filmmaking and other traditions (documentary, experimental film, visual art)

- opportunities and challenges of archive-based and found footage film

- video editing as both a creative and a political process

- filming music, filming ritual, filming technology

- collaboration between artists/filmmakers and researchers in other disciplines.


The main working language of the workshop will be English, with occasional asides/

explanations in French, Spanish and/or Dutch as required.




The workshop will be held twice. The session on Friday the 11th of October at 2 p.m. is

intended for students in higher education programmes working with anthropology, cultural

preservation, film/video and the visual arts. The session on Sunday the 20th of October at

2 p.m. is open to the general public.


Advanced reservation is required for the 11th of October, and prefered for the 20th of October:

please send an email to Educators who wish to organise an ad hoc workshop

session for their students during or after the exhibition are also invited to contact Het Vervolg at

the same email address.


Expected duration: 2h

COALFACE in Czech Republic: SHIFT-X-project

16.04.2013 - 17.04.2013 


Jonny Vekemans, 'Master of Panoramic Arts' (Finland 1996), worked in april 2013 in Sokolov (Czech Republic). He made the first images - using an old procedee - of the (industrial) heritage in the mining region. In the near future, some old industrial regions - mainly in Central Europe - will be photographed in order to develop a new kind of archive documenting this amazing heritage.

COALFACE is involved in the project SHIFT-X. SHIFT-X is a partnership between organizations in Limburg, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Germany, aiming to commemorate and re-develop the industrial heritage as resource for the local economy.