Juan Javier Rivera Andia and Peter Snowdon
03.10.2013 - 20.10.2013



A few years ago, upon starting his fieldwork in the isolated area of Cañaris (in the Andes of Northern Peru), anthropologist Juan Javier Rivera Andía was confronted with the indigenous population's fear of the imminent arrival of a copper mine, which threatened to severely damage their culture and livelihood.

This video installation by Rivera Andía and artist Peter Snowdon uses the anthropologist's visual archive to ask: does 'land' really belong to the people who live on it, or can national politicians and international corporations decide what to do with it without consulting anyone? What is the role of outsiders (mining companies, anthropologists, filmmakers...) in both the preservation and destruction of vernacular ways of life? Where should we draw the line between 'tradition' and 'modernity'? And can we ever separate culture from politics, or are the two inextricably linked?


When: 3rd - 20th October 2013
Where: Coalmine Waterschei - André Dumontlaan 67 - 3600 Genk - Belgium
Entrance: Free
Open: Thursday/Friday/Sunday: 1PM - 5PM; Saturday: 9AM - 5PM
Opening: Thursday 3rd October 2013 - 8PM
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